Create Calm amid Chaos

Your Easy Five Weeks to De-Stress Program

Create Calm amid Chaos – The Easy Five Weeks to De Stress Program

Your easy and natural guide to stress management taught by Marney Perna

Praise for this course: “Dear Marney I have read through your 'steps to release stress'. Experiencing 25 years of workshops & presentations within EQ & being a literacy advisor to 10 schools I feel comfortable in congratulating you on getting the right mix of 'talking' and 'participation'. I got a lot out of participating in the exercises and I had trust in them. So many 'speakers' and 'consultants' who should know better just don't get that mix right. Because I am a bit 'wordy' I have to constantly be aware of that! I also saw visions in where this could go. Your workshop is good value. Parents often don't avail themselves of the luxury of these workshops but are more willing to do so for their children. It could be a way of getting parents to understand the benefits whilst working on it with their little ones. These exercises lend themselves well to making up games & rhymes and little drama role plays to get children into the exercise without knowing but also gaining the benefit from them. When you think of so much anxiety around kids today and not having the skills to de-stress and be resilient....they do need to learn the skills. Janet Hamilton” Retired Teacher

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Marney Perna
Marney Perna
Author, Women's Health Educator and Natural Therapist

Author, Women's Health Educator and Natural Therapist

Hi there, thank you for checking out my e-Courses, online packages and resources. As an author, women’s health educator and natural therapist I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them find calm amid the chaos of their lives and to cope and function better.

I am passionate about creating practical and quality resources that are easy, natural and that work.

My professional experience has shown me that although my clients understand that stress is impacting their health and wellbeing, they are unsure of how and what to do about it. Common barriers can include overwhelm on where and how to start, too many options, time poor and worried about the cost.

I wanted to make courses that share my knowledge and expertise in a simple, easy and no fluff way. I am passionate about sharing the many benefits of some basic self-help kinesiology and stress management techniques for themselves and their families. I want to encourage people to be proactive about self-care and nurturing.

I have drawn on my professional Cert IV and Diploma of Kinesiology studies, Cert IV Business and many advanced health and wellbeing courses as well as over 11 years in private clinical practice to put together these courses.

I look forward to following your journey and I am delighted and blessed to be able to assist you to easily and naturally de-stress your life.

What's included?

28 Videos
1 Text
5 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Your Easy and Natural Stress Management Toolkit - Kinesiology Demystified

Now is the perfect time to learn how to de-stress your life so that you cope better , feel great and have lots of energy!

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